Transforming Sales Through Gamification

Digital presence, Concept Development, Innovation
2023 -

Salespot Oy sought to revolutionize their sales process through the integration of gamification elements, aimed at boosting sales performance and enhancing employee engagement. The project’s core objective was to develop a comprehensive sales gamification concept and a clear application deployment pathway, incorporating game-like features to improve daily sales activities and skill levels.

The project kicked off with a detailed analysis of Salespot Oy’s existing sales processes and employee engagement levels. We identified key areas where gamification could make a significant impact, such as new customer contacts and call durations.

Development of Gamified Elements

We introduced several game-like elements to the sales process, including levels, tasks, rewards, and leaderboards. The goal was to activate the natural desire of salespeople to improve and achieve, adding variety to routine tasks and making them more engaging.

- Tasks and Progress Bars: Standard tasks such as contacting new customers and managing call durations were redefined as tasks with progress bars, encouraging continuous improvement.