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We thrive on the innovative ideas, emerging companies, and impactful projects. Funding empowers creative experimentation, enhances skills, and promotes collaboration in business development. We help you amplify the potential of your projects, unlocking the ability to expand into global markets and create significant impact.

Funding with the Innovation Voucher

The Innovation Voucher is a €6,000 service voucher available to Finnish SMEs for the development of new products or services with international potential. This voucher is aimed at companies eager to embark on innovative ventures that has potential to scale globally.

Eligibility and Purpose

The voucher is intended for companies with a fresh, internationally viable service or product innovation. It provides an opportunity to acquire expert services that build necessary knowledge and expertise within your organization.

You can use the Innovation Voucher for various innovation activities. These include, but are not limited to:

EXPERIMENTAL TRIALS: Such as user-driven testing with a digitalized concept.

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT & BUSINESS DESIGN: For example, designing a business model based on new software.

SERVICE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: Innovating a new service to complement or replace existing ones.

PRODUCT OR SEVICE STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: Developing new ways to serve customers leveraging digital business.

RESEARCH, TESTING, EXPLORING: Transforming research hypotheses into digital products and testing them in the market lightly.

FEASIBILITY STUDIES & EXPERT OPINIONS: Including IPR and patent feasibility studies.

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