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Branding, Concept Development, Innovation
3D Printing Farm
2023 -
Brand identity

Our collaboration with 3D Printing Farm began with the development of a brand identity that truly encapsulated their innovative spirit and technological expertise. The objective was to design a brand that not only resonated with their target audience but also stood out in the competitive market. We crafted a visually striking logo, a vibrant color scheme that signifies creativity and precision, and typography that reflects modernity and accessibility.

Digital presence

Transitioning from the newly established brand identity to a robust digital presence was our next move. We focused on constructing an online platform where clients could easily interact with and purchase the company's services.

We implemented a clean, user-friendly interface that allows customers to navigate effortlessly through product categories and information. The website's architecture was planned to ensure that users could find what they were looking for in just a few clicks, thereby reducing bounce rates and increasing the likelihood of conversion.


The launch of the new website marked a significant milestone for the brand. The enhanced digital presence led to increased customer engagement and a notable rise in service inquiries, demonstrating the platform's effectiveness in capturing and retaining user interest. The introduction of advanced customization options and the ability to cater to both direct consumers and other businesses in the 3D printing sector have positioned our client as a pioneer in their field, ready to expand further and capture larger market segments.

After the project

After successfully relaunching the brand identity and digital platform for 3D Printing Farm, our collaboration didn’t stop there. We recognized an opportunity to further leverage modern technology to enhance their service offering significantly. The introduction of a service concept has set a new benchmark in the precision and accessibility of 3D printing services.

Utilizing the advanced capabilities of LiDAR scanners, now commonly found in smartphones, we developed an innovative app that allows users to create highly accurate 3D models directly from their devices. This service harnesses LiDAR technology to scan any object in real-time, enabling users to generate and send these scans directly to our client's 3D Printing Farm.

The process we developed is straightforward yet powerful. Users simply use their smartphones to scan the desired object, and the detailed 3D model is created instantly. This model can then be uploaded through our client’s app, where it is refined and prepped for printing. This streamlined workflow not only demystifies the process of creating precise 3D models but also makes it accessible to a broader audience, ranging from professionals in architecture and engineering to hobbyists and educators.

This new feature also allows our client's team from the 3D Printing Farm to visit locations and directly scan the desired objects or models, bringing unparalleled precision and convenience to the production process.

The on-site LiDAR scanning service not only complements the existing online model submission process but also broadens the market reach. It is particularly valuable for sectors where precision is paramount, such as in heritage preservation, architecture, and manufacturing. By offering both in-house and mobile scanning options, we cater to a wider array of client requirements, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.